About Us

The Wave can go from an intimate Acoustic Trio to a full tilt party boogie band. Come have a great time with us at:


Jan 8 Cobbs Landing FP

Jan 9 Waldos Vero Beach

Jan 14 Manatee Island Stuart

Jan 22 Little Jims FP

Jan 28 Saints Pub PSL 

Jan 29 Manatee Island FP

Feb 4 Friday Fest FP

Feb 6 Waldos Vero Beach

Feb 11 Saints Pub PSL

Feb 12 Cobbs Landing FP

Feb 18 Little Jims FP

Feb 19 Manatee Island Stuart

March 5 Little Jims FP

March 6 Waldos Vero Beach

March 11Saints Pub PSL

March 18 Manatee Island Stuart

March 25 Cobbs Landing FP

March 26 Manatee Island FP

April 2 Little Jims FP

April 3 Waldos Vero Beach

April 9 Cobbs Landing FP

April 15 Manatee Island Stuart

April 23 Riverside Theater FP

April 24 Spanish Lakes FP

April 29 Saints Pub PSL

April 30 Manatee Island FP

May 7 Little Jims FP

May 8 Waldos Vero Beach

May 14 Cobbs Landing

May 20 Cobbs Landing FP

May 27 Riverside Theater FP

May 28 Manatee Island FP 

June 3 Manatee Island FP

June 4 Little Jims FP

June 18 Cobbs Landing FP

June 19 Waldos Vero Beach

June 24 Riverside Theater FP 

July 2 Little Jims FP

July 15 Cobbs Landing FP

July 17 Waldos Vero Beach

July 23 Manatee Island FP

July 29 Riverside Theater FP

Aug 6 Cobbs landing FP

Aug 14 Waldos Vero Beach

Aug 27 Manatee Island FP

Sept 3 Little Jims FP

Sept 9 Cobbs Landing

Sept 23 Riverside Theater Vero

Sept 24 Vero beach Country club

Sept 30 Manatee Island FP

Oct 1 Farmers Mkt Ft Pierce

Oct 7 Friday fest FP

Oct 8 Little Jims FP

Oct 15 Manatee Island FP

Oct 21 Riverside Theater Vero

Oct 22 Waldos Vero Beach

Oct 29 Cobbs Landing FP

Nov 11 Manatee Island FP

Nov 19 Waldos Vero Beach

Nov 18 Cobbs Landing FP

Nov 19 Manatee Island Stuart

Dec 2 Friday Fest FP

Dec 3 Waldos Vero Beach

Dec 9 Cobbs Landing FP

Dec 10 Manatee Island FP

Dec 31 NYE Portofino Shores



Jan 7 Farmers Market Fp

Feb 18 Farmers Market Fp

Mar 25 farmers Mkt Fp

April 29 Farmers Mkt Fp

June 3 Farmers Mkt Fp






























Some performace material:

Ain't too proud          Pretty Woman          
Treat her right          Runaway
Superstitious             Spooky
Brown eyed girl         Stand By Me
Burning Love              Stormy Monday
Dominoe                     Soul Man
Don't do Me like That           Try a Little Tenderness
Evil Ways                  The Letter
Funky Music               Unchain My heart
Feeling Alright           Unchained Melody
Gimme some lovin      Wild Nights
Bring it on home          ......and lots, lots more!
Heat wave
Knock on Wood
Man loves a Woman
My Girl
Mustang Sally